Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d) lookup

The dm+d is an information standard describing medicines and medical devices used within the NHS.

Searching the dm+d

Type the name of a medicine or medical device in the search field.
Click on a concept name or route-form in the results to show/hide its children.
Click on to view dm+d information about a concept or product.

Results appear in the following format:

  • Top-level drug family/Virtual Therapeutic Moiety (VTM)
    • Route of administration Form,
      • Virtual Medicinal Product (VMP)

Search tips

Search terms can be entered in any order. The following search terms will work.

Searching for a supplier

Select 'Suppliers' from the dropdown list.
Start typing the name of a supplier in the search field.
In the results list, click on a supplier's name to view the medicines and medical devices they have made available in the NHS.

Click on a VTM name to show/hide all its children.
Click on to view dm+d information about a concept or product.

Search tips

Type in 'Special Order' or 'Drug Tariff Special Order' to list special order products.
Type in 'Imported' to list all imported drugs and devices by country of origin.

Groups with no top-level drug family

The empty set ∅ character marks concepts which are not linked to a top-level drug family. These include:

Scan barcodes with a camera

Click on the Barcode button to activate your camera.
Scan a GTIN/EAN barcode (13 or 14 digits) from a pharmaceutical package.

Scanning works better with a clean package in a brightly lit environment.
Be aware that not all products have a GTIN barcode registered in the dm+d database.